Supercharge Batteries

Battery Now stock a large range of supercharge batteries, our service vehicles carry supercharge silver and gold series batteries with up to 36 months warranty. Supercharge have built a reputation for manufacturing robust superior batteries suitable for cars and trucks, they also have market leading marine and deep cycle batteries. Battery Now service vehicles operate throughout Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Perth 24 hours 365 days, we can supply and fit your replacement battery roadside or even deliver to your door!

Supercharge batteries have introduced their EXG technology into their entire battery range, EXG technology enhances the batteries attributes by:

  • Less prone to heat and corrosion
  • More efficient current conductivity and cranking power
  • Longer shelf life and use life
  • Maintenance free in most models of marine and truck batteries
  • Stronger than standard battery units
To find out which supercharge battery suits your vehicle or boat call: 1300 731 677
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