Optima Batteries Sydney, Brisbane – Gold Coast

Optima batteries have built a reputation for producing high quality batteries which deliver more cranking power, more amp hours or more reserve power. Optima are the leaders in AGM batteries – specialising in automotive, commercial and marine AGM and GEL batteries. Optima is also renowned for it’s deep cycle battery technology, including marine and calcium batteries. The Optima AGM battery has a shelf life between 12 – 18 months, over 3 times superior compared to flat plate batteries. Optima AGM batteries are 15 times more resilient than conventional batteries and are a non-hazardous product – no leakages – no terminal corrosion.

Battery Now stock a large range of Optima AGM and deep cycle batteries. Our roadside assistance vehicles can supply and fit optima batteries for you 24 hours 7 days a week in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Gold Coast. We supply Optima batteries nationwide! Call 1300 731 677

Optima Blue Top Batteries

Perfect for camping, boating and caravans. The Optima Blue Top range includes starting only and dual purpose batteries which are some of the most recognisable batteries in boating and camping applications where unrivalled vibration resistance is paramount and continuous drain from equipment such as boat lighting, trolling motors and other electrical devices would quickly drain conventional batteries. The Optima Blue Top battery range has the ability to recharge quickly and has spill proof maintenance free design which assists in less downtime and more continuous efficient power delivery.

Optima Red Top Batteries

The Optima Red Top high performance AGM battery has outstanding high CCA starting performance and the strongest 5 second initial ignition starting power for effortless start ups every time. Red Tops out perform traditional batteries in all aspects such as:

  • Lasting Power
  • Resistance To Vibration
  • Cranking Power
  • Starting Power

Optima Red Top Batteries are ideal for commercial and high demand applications:

  • Trucks
  • 4WDs
  • Large Luxury Vehicles
  • Performance Vehicles
Optima Yellow Top Batteries

The Optima Yellow Top battery range is a true dual purpose automotive battery which is ideal for almost any application – handles deep discharges and recharges fully quickly, brilliant vibration resistance and unmatched high continuous cranking power. The Yellow Top battery range is also spill proof and maintenance free, perfect for trucks, 4WD’s, cars, performance cars, cars with demanding electronics ie: Audio, light commercial, agricultural equipment, earth moving machinery and more!

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