Boat, Jet Ski & All Marine Batteries Delivered

Battery Now stocks a large range of marine and watercraft specific high performance batteries designed to improve the start-up and running of your marine craft.

From low to no-maintenance batteries from a range of leading manufacturers such as Varta Batteries, Optima Batteries, Exide Stowaway, Odyssey and Motobatt, your watercraft will be ready to take on the water. Battery Now can supply marine batteries nationwide at competitive prices, we can also supply and fit in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney regions.Did you know we can deliver your boat battery to you at the boat ramp 24 hours in Brisbane’s bay side suburbs, Gold Coast region and around Sydney! Never cancel a fishing trip again because of battery failure, call Battery Now to delivery your marine battery to you, even at the boat ramp!

To learn about which batteries would suit your boat, sailboat, jet-ski, houseboat or speed boat – call our team now on 1300 731 677 to have our team deliver and install your new marine battery.

We don’t just specialise in automotive batteries, we stock, deliver, test and fit marine batteries anywhere. Our marine batteries are proven, high quality and durable, able to withstand the constant vibration, pounding and corrosive environment  they are naturally exposed too. Our AGM marine batteries are maintenance free, spill proof, side mountable, resistant to corrosion and won’t gas under charge. If you are unsure which marine battery best suits your set up and requirements list all accessories and your motors horse power and we can provide quotes on which marine battery specifically suits your needs.

Looking for marine starting batteries, marine dual purpose or deep cycle, call Battery Now to get yours today.

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