Mobility Scooter Batteries

Get more range and longer use times by upgrading to a Battery Now recommend battery now.

Battery Now stocks a full range of batteries designed specifically for the high performance and long life needs of your mobility scooter. With daily use and long trips, cheap batteries will degrade quickly and could leave you stranded.

Speak with our team by calling 1300 731 677 to learn more about our high performance, long lasting and low maintenance mobility scooter batteries.

Golf Cart & Golf Buggy Batteries

Out on the green, you need reliable battery performance along with long life to allow you to finish your 18 hole game in comfort using your golf cart.

Our batteries are suitable for both golf carts and golf buggies that are used daily as well as occasionally for the passionate golfer. There are many benefits to replacing your old and dying golf cart battery, such as:

  • Low To No Maintenance For Continued Battery Use
  • Longer Use Times Out On The Course
  • Faster Charging
  • Less Deterioration Of Battery Life
  • High Performance In Many Weather Conditions
Get in touch with our battery specialists at Battery Now by calling 1300 731 677 to have your new performance battery installed into your golf buggy or golf cart.
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