Flat Tyre Road Side Service

Battery Now covers all aspects of road side breakdowns including Flat Tires, our tyre change service includes removal and replacement of your flat tyre with your road worthy spare tyre. Our service vehicles carry a large range of lock nut sockets for many mag wheel types if you should have misplaced your own. Our flat tyre road side service can be provided throughout all Australian major cities and centres. Your existing spare tyre must be in roadworthy condition and the correct rim for your vehicle.

Battery Now also provide:

  • 24 Hour Roadside Service
  • Battery Replacement Service
  • Out Of Fuel Service
  • Alternator & Starter Motor Service
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Changing Your Flat Tyre Yourself

  • Make sure your vehicle is in a safe and stable position, your hazard lights are on and hand brake is applied. Chock the opposite tyre to your flat tyre with ideally a tyre chock or piece of timber or brick.
  • Your breakdown kit in your car boot should have all the necessary tools for removing and replacing your vehicles flat tyre. Place the jack on a flat solid surface, locate the jack points/notches on the underside of your vehicle, slowly begin using your jack removing weight from the flat tyre. Before all weight is removed loosen all wheel nuts, continue removing weight until the flat tyre of free, remove the flat tyre.
  • Organise your space tyre, line up with the wheels threaded studs, lift and slide your spare tyre into place. Using your hand tighten all nuts, using your wheel brace tighten the bottom nut until it begins to bite. Lower your jack slowly until the replaced tyre begins to take the vehicles weight, completely remove the jack. With the wheel brace tighten all nuts with your body weight – be mindful to keep a straight back!
  • Place your flat tyre in your boot along with all your jack and tools making sure they are secure, turn your hazard light off and merge onto the road safely.
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