Automotive Battery Maintenance

Safety First When Performing Battery Maintenance:

  • Vehicle must be off
  • Wear gloves and face protection
  • Disconnect battery before starting maintenance – negative removed first and re-connected last
  • Don’t smoke near battery
  • Perform maintenance outside – well ventilated area
  • Secure terminals and connections tightly – make sure the battery bracket / fixture is secure

Some car, truck, motorbike and marine batteries require periodic maintenance, there is two things that need to be considered in maintainable batteries which are, your electrolyte levels and terminals are kept clean.

Keeping the battery terminals clean, which are found on the top of your battery should be inspected every 3 to 4 months. In the event your battery terminals have build up – with your gloves and face protection, remove the negative and then positive connections from the terminals. Once removed, use a wire brush and clean the terminals of all build up and debris, now that they are clean, replace the positive connection to the positive terminal and repeat for the negative connection. Make sure the connections are tight and secure to avoid battery drain and other faults brought on by loose terminal connections.

Electrolyte Levels, most batteries have a electrolyte level indicator on them, in the event your battery is low. First make sure you are in a well ventilated area, with safety gear on – now using distilled water only top up your battery to the indicated operational level. If your battery does not not however have this indicator, simply top up to below the bottom of the refill hole. Do not overfill your battery as this will cause damage and potentially be dangerous.

Most batteries these days are maintenance free, give Battery Now a call on 1300 731 677 to find out about your vehicles suitable maintenance free batteries. If you are not confident in checking or maintaining your battery, give one of our friendly technicians a call for help.

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